Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pink kisses 💋💋

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Updates! Christmas 2015

Late nights in the studio! Organizing and masterminding lol

Got my soldering kit from #silverajewelryschool Silvera Jewelry School!

Bought a micro torch on amazon thank goodness for prime!

Ordered finished chain and wire from Thunderbird Supply Company. Pretty satisfied! @tbirdsupply

Cabochon necklaces I recently finished! Will be listing asap.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Crystal Jewelry for Your Loved Ones

All gifts come from the heart but Crystal jewelry is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving! All crystals have metaphysical properties that can be used for healing.

Healing Jewelry

Crystals have been used for their magical and healing properties since mankind's beginning.  Each type of crystal/gemstone is formed by a specific group of atoms and each carries their ownvibrational frequencies (as does everyone and everything in the known universe).  Crystals increase the frequency of light while affecting its movement of photons, allowing them to evolve accordingly with environmental changes and our energy systems. Wearing crystal healing jewelry helps us to focus, transfer, and store this energy which can be received through our auras and chakra systems.  

When selecting your healing crystals or stones, it is important totrust yourself and intuition.  You may be drawn to a particular piece and aren't exactly sure why, although your unique subtle body knows what it needs, oftentimes before you areconsciously aware.

Crystal Healing with Gemstone Jewelry

When people think of using stones and crystals for healing, most likely they are picturing tumbled stones,crystal points, or shaped and polished stones such asgemstone wands. But, did you know that jewelry containing stones (precious or semi-precious) can also be used in crystal healing? Well, it sure can!

Wearing stone and crystal jewelry is an easy, convenient, and attractive way to carry healing stones with you all the time and everywhere you go. The jewelry can be of any type, style or design. For example, it can be a crystal wrapped in wire and strung on a chain; stone beads strung together as a necklace or bracelet; even faceted gemstone jewelry can be used for crystal healing! Stones that are set in gold or silver work especially well since these metals are good conductors of energy.

The stone does not need to be of any particular size and it does not need to be worn on or near any particular area of the body, regardless of what it is being used for. For example, it is often recommended that stones used to heal conditions of the heart (physical or emotional) be worn over the heart, but this is not necessary because one's physical body is surrounded by an etheric body (an energy field which houses the chakras) that directs the stone's healing energies to the appropriate area. Therefore, any form of jewelry can be used, including:

and more.

Jewelry pieces containing multiple kinds of stones generally do not work for healing as their different energies usually cancel each other out, and so most jewelry suitable for healing contain only one kind of stone. Jewelry pieces with multiple stones can be used for healing as long as the stones are all the same kind, for example: a ring with several rubies or a bracelet of amethyst beads.

However, jewelry with two different kinds of stones will work if one of the stones is transparent and colorless, such as clear quartz or diamond. In this instance, the clear stone will serve to amplify the healing effects of the other stone.

Sometimes, jewelry containing multiple varieties of stone (usually only two or three) might work for healing if the stones' energies harmonize well with each other (ie. they have very similar healing properties). Usually, however, different stones are put in the same piece of jewelry because they look good together, not because their energies harmonize.

Several different stones and crystals can be worn for healing at the same time as long as they are in separate jewelry pieces that do not touch each other. To use your jewelry for healing, you would do the same with it as you would with any other healing stone (ie. cleanse it, charge it, program it, etc.). Smudging is the best method for cleansing the energy of your jewelry as other methods may damage it. You should cleanse and recharge your jewelry after each use, or, if it is worn regularly, it should be done daily.

All of my listings will have a description of each stone and it's properties!


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How to Keep Copper Rings Clean and Shiny

Why You Need to Clean Copper

Copper will naturally tarnish over time, due to its exposure to the air and the sweat on your skin. Because of this, some copper jewellery is sold with a coating to prevent tarnishing.

Make a solution out of warm water, a few drops of lemon or lime juice, and a teaspoon of salt. Mix it thoroughly.

Dip the tarnished copper jewelry into this solution. Leave it there for a couple of minutes.

Remove the jewelry and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if some tarnish still shows.

Use ketchup and a soft toothbrush to remove tarnish on a piece that contains soft or delicate gemstones. The ketchup is not safe on the stones, but using ketchup and a toothbrush will give you more control over the cleaning process. Only clean the copper and avoid touching the gemstones with the ketchup.

Use a jewelry polishing cloth to finish cleaning the copper jewelry and to clean around gemstones.

You can also use a polishing cloth to keep the luster bright on your piece between cleanings.
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Inventory! Sparkles and Shine for the Holiday!

Check out some of the finished product that is available for purchase! I've been wire wrapping cabochons and rings as the holiday season approaches a lovely handmade gift is like none other! It's worth the investment! I love all my sparkly and unique creations. I hope you enjoy them as well!

Comments are welcome and check it my Etsy store as well! 


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Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Camera New Pictures!

I bought a new camera yesterday it's a Nikon L840 and so far I think I like it I'm getting used to all the bells and whistles. I took close up pictures pictures of the rings I made. You will get to see how they turned out in the next post! Stay tuned and Tata for now!!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jewelry OTD Thanksgiving 2015; late post

Here was my jewelry of the day pics for Thanksgiving 2015. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off so I didn't get a chance to post my pictures of the Rings that I was rocking for the day.

Ok have a lapis lazuli on my left hand wrapped with silver Argentium wire in copper wire on the right I have a Herkimer diamond gemstone wrapped in copper, my haematite band which is really good for keeping you grounded, and a rose quartz(the love stone) wrapped in copper with an Argentium silver band.

I'll be posting close-ups of these if I have not already you can check previous post to see close ups and upcoming posts as well if they have not been posted on Etsy for purchasing. I'll also be including other jewelry that I wear daily for my Jewelry of The Day Post.

*As I become acclimated with blogging about my jewelry and building my brand I'm sure it'll be easier to do all of this so thank you for bearing with me threat all it's about to go down I'm so excited!

Stay tuned and Tata for now! Have a blessed and prosperous day!
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What do you think of my latest piece? Enchanted Green Aventurine Pendant Check it my blog and comment on my other posts pretty please!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Enchanted Green Aventurine Pendant

Here are a few snaps of a pendant i completed today. I am practicing wrapping  cabochons and this was my first one after watching a few tutorials. I put my own twist on it by adding a few spacer beads at the bail. Think I'll list this one and see what happens. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading and be blessed!

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Friday, November 27, 2015

My Layered Crystal Necklaces

These are the necklaces that I wear everyday in order from top to bottom.

I made all the pendants the top which are Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Lepidolite. At the bottom is Charoite, Unakite Jasper and a Larimar locket with a piece of Amber inside.

Crystal Healing Properties:

Black Tourmaline:
Black Tourmaline crystal is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds, as well as being a strong spiritual grounding stone.

The Citrine properties that are most well known are its value for aiding manifestation of prosperity, particularly if you combine it with the power of affirmations.

Lilac Lepidolite is a soothing calming stone that will help you if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed.

It is an excellent stress relief stone, as it contains lithium.

It has a positive vibration that stimulates positive coincidence or synchronicity.

It brings emotional healing and helps you get deeper into meditation

This stone will aid you if you are working with your spirit guide. It will also aid you to develop your intuition.

These stones are helpful to relieve stress. By allowing the release of stress and worry, they brings about calm and restful feelings.

This is a beneficial stone for spiritual healing, as it will aid forgiveness of others, including those who caused you pain in past lives.

It will clear negative past life patterning within the DNA, and will encourage you to have faith in the process of your spiritual growth.

Meaningful synchronicities or coincidences may become more frequent in your life as the flow of positive energy in your life increases, once you begin to use this stone

Unakite Jasper:
Unakite Jasper is a stone that encourages visionary abilities by opening your psychic vision. It works through the third eye chakra and aids you to visualize the things you desire in your life.

It has an excellent balancing action for your emotions, bringing your emotions into line with your spiritual aspects.

If you are wondering how to sleep better, this is one of the healing crystals that will assist better sleep, and will also help to relieve stress.

Addictive habits that you have had difficulty dealing with, will be helped by its energy, as it will give you help to break through the barriers that have held you back from being able to achieve your desires.

Larimar stone is an active throat chakra crystal, that has a vibration that assists clear communication. This energy will quicken your contact with the Goddess.

By accessing the Divine Feminine you may soothe and heal your emotions and release stress.

This is a highly spiritual stone that works effectively within all of the chakras from the heart chakra through to the crown chakra.

It has a distinct vibration that aids you to communicate with clarity, and because of its heart based energy it helps you to speak of your emotions.

It helps to dissolve emotional barriers and to release stored negative emotions such as angry thoughts, remembered pain and other detrimental

It is popular as it has marvelous metaphysical properties for psychic protection. It is a powerful healer that gives the person who wears it a lovely sense of health and healing.

Amber helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy.

It aids manifestation, eases stress by clearing phobias and fears, and it is a lovely warm stone to wear
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to use My Effectiveness Habits App

My Effectiveness Habits App Rocks! Find on Google Play.

Dealing with Adult ADHD is tough within itself so I'm always looking for new apps and coping mechanisms to ensure that I am efficient every single day. I'm always on top of my to day routines.

I am in the process of trying it out so I'll update this post with more information once I have tried it for about a week or so but here is the description of the app from the developer  with instructions on how to use it should you be interested in downloading.

Please, find below some instructions for using the app. The general concept is as follows:

1. Write what is your Mission in life. Your mission is a general guideline to how you will live your life, is what you see as the meaning of life for you. It is a constitution, a foundation that will govern your actions and goals. Writing your personal mission may be not a one-time action, you will need time to write it, re-write it, re-think it. You may return to it time to time.

You can write your Mission on the My Mission page of the application.

2. Write down what concerns you have and which ones you can influence - visualise them in the circles. This will help you identify what you should concentrate on - actions you have influence on. Proactive, effective people increase their circle of influence.

Use My Influence page for defining your influences. This page helps you visualize your worries, and concentrate on what you can change, what you can influence, not what you don't have control over.

3. On the My Roles page define your roles. This helps you look on your life from different points. You can have different roles at the same time, the role may change depending on your priorities during the week. Example: at the university you are a Student, at home you are a Husband/Wife or a Son/Daughter.

To better visualize your role, attach an Image/Picture from Camera or from Gallery - visual information is better perceived by brain. To do so: Open Role -> Long-click on human icon in the top-left corner -> Choose source of image/picture

4. Set the goals you want to reach for each role. You can set long-term or short-term goals. Open a role, then add goals and see the goals added.

When doing something, almost anything, the so-called classic Todos are not just actions in themselves. You do them with some purpose in mind. You want to get a result from your "do-s". This is what goals are. And if you think of that result before starting, it will help you better understand the steps you need to take to get to that result. It can help you define what exactly you want as a result. And, even can help you understand that maybe you don't need that at all :)

5. Define concrete steps - actions. You can have a single step actions, or you can define complex, multi-level project, or simple checklists.

An action is a step in achieving your goal. Often called a todo, a task - it is something you have to get done to reach the goals. We've intentionally used the word action and not a todo or a task, because action is, after all, an action. It is a proactive word. It doesn't have an obligatory nature like "todo" and "task".

Actions in the habits can be of 3 type:
+ Single action - a one-step, atomic action
+ Project - a composite action, which can contain in itself all types of actions
+ Checklist - a list of checkable items.

6. Proritize your actions using 2x2 matrix (a.k.a. Eisenhower matrix) on the First Things First page.
Square 1 contains Urgent and Important actions - these are really urgent, burning, important things to do. Usually, they represent critical situations. You should not have much of these.
Square 2 contains Important, but Not Urgent actions - something you should concentrate on. This is something Important to you. Planned, well-thought about actions come here.
Square 3 contains Urgent, but Not Important actions - actions here are usually irritators - even if they seem urgent, since they're not important
Square 4 contains Not Urgent, Not Important actions

7. Assign tasks to week days (use weekly planning). Plan your actions ahead. Review regularly, but not too regularly.

For the matrix, your main work should go into Square 2 - you're more productive if you have your Important actions planned and under control. Remember: to be more productive, you have to do what is IMPORTANT, which might not be easy or pleasant, rather than urgent things.

Some more information can be found at our blog:
Also, you can write us directly at If you have just any issue, feedback or a simple thought about the application that you want to share with us, we are very happy to get that.
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Lately I've been fascinated with crystal healing and wanted to share my collection with you as I have decided to integrate it into my jewelry to share it's healing properties with others! It fills me with joy to bring a smile to someone else's face when they wear my jewelry. Anywho I'll be posting information i learn about crystals and specific ones that i like in upcoming posts!
My Collection